Foldsmith folding bikes can be booked online or in person, with your choice of pickup or delivery.

  • Why folding bikes?
    They’re practical and portable – yep that means public transport friendly, easy to store, and they’ll fit in a car boot! They’re also great for commuting, cycling the city trails or even long-distance tours.
  • Delivery sounds great, how does it work?
    We deliver our hire bikes all over the Melbourne metro area.Within 5km of Fitzroy, we cycle them to you on a trusty cargo bike. Further out, we use electric vehicles. Just add the relevant delivery details when booking online and we’ll do the rest.
  • Want to book online but collect your hire bike/s in person?
    No problem.When booking, select the times you’d like to collect and return. Don’t add delivery – simple as that. We’ll have your chosen wheels ready and waiting for collection at Foldsmith HQ, 3/9 Smith St, Fitzroy.

Note: Check to make sure this matches your process – I’m guessing that no delivery flags to you that it’s an in-person collection.
This point also works to add a mention of the collection address. When you add in other collection locations, update this FAQ to reflect the choice o locations and booking selection process.

  • Wondering which foldy or two will fit in your car, or elsewhere?
    To help you decide and compare, we’ve listed the folded dimensions (and weights) in each of our hire bike descriptions. For those with the smallest space, check out our Compact model.
  • Got a flat tire or had a hiccup with your hire bike?
    We've got your back! Simply let us know (here’s our contact info) and we’ll swap it out pronto for just a small delivery fee ($10 within 5km of Fitzroy, $20 for the outer metro).

Note: (see hire rates page notes). These rates fit for a one-way situation, just letting you know I’ve checked them.

  • Need a bike for a quick spin?
    No worries, we can do a half-day rental at half the regular daily rate. Pop by in person to choose a bike for a same day return.

Note: this implies in person bookings only for ½ day rentals. If this differs or changes, update the last line to fit your process (e.g. Send us an email or pop by in person ..). If you decide to add ½ day to your online booking form in future (maybe if it’s requested often), this dot point could be removed, or edited it to fit.
* also be aware that this invites pop-ins (so you may wish to leave this one out for now and add it in when regular opening hours are in place).

  • Want to hire a bike, but don’t have the deposit handy?
    We’ve got you covered. Pick up in person or send us an email – we’ll take a quick photo of your license or passport instead.
  • Studying and looking for a special deal?
    We’re here for you! Hit us up for a 10% student discount.
  • Fellow foldy fanatic and wondering why we don’t have Bromptons?
    Simple – there are plenty of other folding bikes that are just as awesome, if not better! We’ve chosen a selection that are versatile and a pleasure to ride.
  • Got a question we haven’t answered? Contact us here!